The Minnesota Jung Association (MJA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of the human psyche and its interconnectedness with community and the world. To facilitate this purpose, we are committed to the study, discussion, and practical application of the theories of the Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung, and other pioneering students of soul and spirit. Through theoretical and experiential inquiry, we seek to honor and enhance human awareness, conscious that the vitality of a community is based upon the living authenticity of its members.

The MJA currently sponsors low-cost lectures, classes, workshops, salons, and panel discussions on Jungian psychology and related topics—all of which are open to the public.


The MJA began in 1969 with a committee chaired by Mary Ann Mattoon and was incorporated in 1972 with the purpose of broadening and deepening the understanding of Jung’s work through study and participation. Our Calendar of Events is issued annually in August. The MJA is governed by an elected Board of Directors. As an organization run by volunteers, we welcome your participation. For further information please contact us at mnjungassociation@gmail.com.

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MJA Board Of Directors

Gerard LaSalle


Darell Shaffer

Vice President

Kathleen Milbrath


Carrie Remmell


Cathy Gnatek

Chairperson-Library Committee:

Stuart Potter

Chairperson-Salon Committee

Robert Roddy

Chairperson-Lecture Committee:

Karen Seay

Chairperson - Venues

Eric Anderson

Board of Directors