Why the Portal to the Sacred is So Often Closed: A Grail Perspective Ken Schmitz

The Female Icarus Mary Onstad

The Journey of the Hero Archetype Shawn Nygaard

Fire: In Us and Around Us Tricia Ells

With One Look: Norma Desmond and the Fire of Intuition,
O Sovereign Sun Shane Michael Nygaard

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The Black Swan” Three Perspectives   Wilor Bluege

Aphrodite Rising   Christine Podany

jackie   Shawn Nygaard

The Mississippi River
Great Lake
   Evelyn D. Klein

Down the Well   Shane Michael Nygaard

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Remembering James Hillman   Thomas Moore

How Do You Say Goodbye to the Teacher Who Changed Your Life?   Pythia Peay

From Richard Tarnas   Richard Tarnas

From the Maine Jung Center   Tom Cheetham

James Hillman, Therapist in Men’s Movement, Dies at 85   Benedict Carey

In Gratitude to James Hillman (Pacifica)   Steve Aizenstat

Tribute from the President (Pacifica)   Steve Aizenstat

James Hillman’s Obituary (Pacifica)   Mary Watkins, Ed Casey and Dick Russell

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Embracing the Creativity of Frida Kahlo   Roseroberta Pauling

String Theory Series   Mary Longley

Halloween Spirits
Apollo and the Artist   
Evelyn D. Klein

To the Perilous Realm: J.R.R. Tolkein from an Archetypal Perspective   Robert J. Hartmann, M.Div., LMFT

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Night & Darkness

The Dark Side of God   Judy Jackson & Ken Schmitz

excerpt from Hymns to the Night   Novalis (1772-1801)

Channels and Grain   Roseroberta Pauling

Celestial Wanderer / Moonless Night   Evelyn Klein

Treasurer of the Night   Tricia Ells

A Humble Night
A Short, Dark Night
this night
Night News   
Melissa B. Severance

Commentary Comparing two TEDTalks   Wilor Bluege

Saturn in Scorpio: Dark Eyes and Dark Nights   Shawn Nygaard

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