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Join us at the MJA Library! Jung 101 Discussion Series

On the first Saturday of the month, MJA will be holding a discussion group for those interested in exploring Jung’s core concepts. We will cover one concept each month. Each person attending is expected to have read about the topic to be discussed and share their best understanding of what it means. Bring quotes, excerpts, and questions! This is an opportunity to grapple with, learn about, and discuss fundamental Jungian concepts in an informal setting. Here are the topics for October, November and December:
 Saturday, November 4, 2017
Topic: Shadow
The Discussion Series is free and will be held at the MJA Library from 1:00-2:30 PM. The series will be facilitated by Darell Shaffer.
The MJA Library is located at 3802A Grand AVE S, Minneapolis. (When you arrive call or text the phone number listed on the door to gain access to the library.)